New Blog-WordPress

WordPress is Here

I am now using WordPress for the blog for this site now. It is a better solution for my site as well as it a very ubiquitous blogging platform on the web. At the moment I am using the backend as opposed to a self-hosted solution that runs on my web server.


This is made possible due to a new Rapidweaver Stack that integrates WordPress into a Rapidweaver project file. It is a 1.0 release that is limited in what can be displayed. As opposed to a full WordPress site which can have more funtionality. I am familar with Rapidweaver so I prefer to use it instead of WordPress for the full web design publishing tool.

Dead Simple and Flexible

The stack has been dead simple to implement on a Rapidweaver site. Also, there are so many supporting tools for WordPress. For instance, there is a nice iOS app for posting and managing your blogs. On MacOS there is MarsEdit, Byword and another native WordPress app for posting. The WordPress app can manage pages, post and media. All of these apps are well supported and easy to use, this makes using WordPress very attractive to implement.

As usual, this is a work in progress and I am sure there will be updates from the developer soon.


Color selection for your website is a very important mater during the design process. The color says so much about the style and message of your brand/business. Most companies have a style guide that specifies the color for web and print. These companies even go so far as to have a certain color trademarked for them.

Color Psycho

How people see color and the meaning of that color is very important to the perception of the sites message. There are studies and articles about the effect of color on the human brain and the meaning that particular color conveys. So, it is very important what combination of color you select for your branding and website.

Anyone Can…

Anyone can build a website, but not everyone can design a website. There are several services that anyone can subscribe to and build a website from a pre-defined template that is available to all the other subscribers. You can change the look by modifying the colors, typeface and images. But, you still have a template that someone else is using also.


A website built by a web professional can make your brand stand out from all of the sites built with templates, like those cookie cutter design that are prevalent on the web. Stand out and have your content presented in a unique way. By having a web designer advise you on the structure and components of your website, they can help you get your business or organizations message across with a professional, modern look.

Simple is Hard

Yes, simple design is hard, it is difficult to find that balance of style and substance. It is easy to add the latest wiz bang web fad to your website to be cool. Trying to make it simple to view the content and pleasant to look at is the key. The absence of stuff can be just as powerful as the addition of stuff.


That balance is very tricky, I really tend to add too much gimmicky web components to a site. Then I trim it back, re-think how I can present the same content in a cleaner fashion.

Negative is Good

Negative space is a good thing to have. The areas between elements can be just as important as the element itself. It is more pleasant to the human eye to see less clutter on a page. I strived to achieve that on this site, resisting the urge to clutter the pages with too much information. Spacing the header text from the paragraphs and images is key. Plus, having sections on the page that is just for a particular piece of information is important also.

So, keep it simple, it is difficult but worth the effort.

Manage Your Content


You can edit your own content such as text and images if necessary on your website. This keeps your content fresh which keeps search engines happy. . These tools are called Content Management Systems and there are several different solutions available at varying cost that can fit your needs.

Keep It Simple

It is my opinion to keep your editing of your content as simple as possible. Images for instance can be problematic because if you are not familiar with editing images there is a possibility that you will cause problems with the way your website looks. A too big image will push other elements around and the page flow will look terrible. A too small image will just look awful and out of place. Also, text should editing should be kept to a minimum. If you really need to say something on a regular basis, then a blog would be a great solution for you.

Foundry 1.0

Foundry Framework

I have been beta testing a new framework for Rapidweaver that utilizes Bootstrap 4. It is a set of stacks and a “themeless” theme from Elixirgraphics. It produces a very lightweight website that is also responsive to any web screen size. This site is built with Rapidweaver and Foundry and I could not be happier.

New Blog

I am also trying out a new blogging tool from Blueball Design called RW/Writer. It is a web based blogging system that supports multiple blogs and multiple users. It is very easy to setup and easy to start posting to a blog.

I have been hesitant to use my self hosted blogging stack due to it being cumbersome to style the  blog links, categories etc. This solution makes it much easier to set up and get going.