New Blog-WordPress

WordPress is Here

I am now using WordPress for the blog for this site now. It is a better solution for my site as well as it a very ubiquitous blogging platform on the web. At the moment I am using the backend as opposed to a self-hosted solution that runs on my web server.


This is made possible due to a new Rapidweaver Stack that integrates WordPress into a Rapidweaver project file. It is a 1.0 release that is limited in what can be displayed. As opposed to a full WordPress site which can have more funtionality. I am familar with Rapidweaver so I prefer to use it instead of WordPress for the full web design publishing tool.

Dead Simple and Flexible

The stack has been dead simple to implement on a Rapidweaver site. Also, there are so many supporting tools for WordPress. For instance, there is a nice iOS app for posting and managing your blogs. On MacOS there is MarsEdit, Byword and another native WordPress app for posting. The WordPress app can manage pages, post and media. All of these apps are well supported and easy to use, this makes using WordPress very attractive to implement.

As usual, this is a work in progress and I am sure there will be updates from the developer soon.

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